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kitchen Splashback waterline

Kitchen back wall longer than 4 meters?

Help, your kitchen is longer than 4 meters and you still want a SoWhat-design kitchen splash back! A frequently chosen solution is to order the (for example) 305x70cm twice and mirror one of the two images. This can work out very nicely in a corner kitchen but also if your kitchen back wall is one long wall.

In a corner kitchen, we mirror the image exactly in the corner. The image always fits perfectly and the whole gives a nice depth effect! Below we show some kitchens of customers where we have chosen this solution. Of course, this is not beautiful with every kitchen back wall image. Do you want to know what this looks like with your image choice in your kitchen? Mail us the dimensions and we will be happy to show it to you!

If you want us to mirror one of the two ordered back walls, please indicate this under “Comments” with your order.

kitchen Splashback waterline

Mirrored kitchen Splashback Waterline

Mirrored kitchen Splashback Robinson Crusoe

Kitchen Splashback

Mirrored kitchen Splashback Bamboo Leafs

Mirrored Kitchen Splashback Loch Harport

Mirrored kitchen Splashback Agersø

Mirrored kitchen Splashback Breskens

Mirrored kitchen Splashback Cayo Jutias

Mirrored kitchen Splashback Big Sur


Kitchen Splashback of customers Part-8


Kitchen Splash backs of customers Part-9


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