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Kitchen Splash backs of customers Part-9

It is always a joy to receive photos of customers. It is nice that the enthusiasm we have about our material and the designs we make is shared by our customers! The first kitchen Splash back that we show in this Blog belongs to Carla. We have already seen the popular image “Bouquet of flowers” in various kitchens, from modern to classic and in between. But always this kitchen Splash back makes the kitchen cozy! Also nice to see how the Splash back continues under the window.

Splash back for kitchen

Splash back for kitchen “Waves”

The Atlantic Ocean that storms into your kitchen, the power of nature summed up in a beautiful image! This kitchen Splash back with our “Waves” image was ordered by Marc. The shell he photographed seems to have come in through the waves:) We like it!

back wall for kitchen skye

Splash back for kitchen “Skye”

As if the kitchen was made for it, this kitchen Splash back with our image “Skye”. The wooden worktop compares particularly nicely with the warm tones in this photo. A view not to get bored of! And if you want to admire this view yourself, we are happy to provide the address of the B & B where this is exactly the view when you open the front door.

splashback for kitchen

Splashback for kitchen “Tulips”

It is not for nothing that there are various images of Tulips on our website, it is a photogenic flower that in combination with the curves of the greenery creates a stylish kitchen! This picture was sent to us by Pietro and Thea. The “Tulips” have been photographed by us one by one with very soft studio light. This way you can see all the details on the print razor sharp!

back wall for kitchen marble

back wall for kitchen “Marble”

It was a bit of a gamble when we were allowed to photograph the huge Marble slabs at an importer of Marble. From each plate we made 8 to 10 photos that were later made into one whole. During the first print tests we immediately became enthusiastic, our material lends itself very well to these images. The slightly light structure in the material makes the Marble almost tangible! See here the kitchen of Rosita with the Marble “Nero Bernini”. View all 8 Marble variants in our collection here!

back wall for kitchen iceland

Back wall for kitchen “Romantic Iceland”

The life of a photographer is not a punishment, especially in the week photo safari we had in Iceland. On this “Romantic Iceland” in the kitchen of Alonso, the vastness and variety in the landscape come into its own. Because of the many brown, green and blue / purple shades, this image fits every kitchen!

Back wall for kitchen “Orchard”

Marie-José and Arjen have our “Orchard” at their kitchen Splash back. Especially when it is wet and gray outside, this image shows the ultimate spring feeling. Between the trees you can see sheep walking and beehives. So close your eyes, feel the sun on your skin and hear the buzzing of the bees… before you know it, the day is good again!



Kitchen back wall longer than 4 meters?


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