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Kitchen back wall Guell

Kitchen Splash back of customers part 6

The image above the Kitchen Splash back Guell is nicely combined here in a light blue kitchen. Due to the amount of colors in this image, there is always a match to be found with the color of your kitchen cabinets or surrounding wall. Bring color into your life:)!

Kitchen Splash back LaDolce Vita

Kitchen Splash back LaDolce Vita

This graphic representation “La Dolce Vita” is executed in light beige and brown tones. With this customer, the whole fits together beautifully.

Kitchen back wall GadoGado

Kitchen Splash back GadoGado

Slightly blurry this photo of a customer but still nice to see. The fresh green of the Green beans combined with the earth tones in this photo fits well in the wooden kitchen. Look here for our GadoGado kitchen Splash back.

kitchen Splashback breskens

kitchen Splash back Breskens

One of our toppers, the kitchenSplash back Breskens. Get a nice depth effect on your kitchen back wall due to the flared lines in the image. No intrusive image but a quiet addition to your kitchen!

kitchen back wall Blossom Part2

kitchen Splash back Blossom

We have the kitchen Splash back Japanese blossom in two versions, here Part2. This is the slightly more subtle version of color and designed with a fuller image.

kitchen back wall pomegranate

kitchen back wall pomegranate

One of my favorites, the kitchen Splash back Pomegranate! The photo gives a nice contrast between the rough bark and the shiny content. Yet there is enough white around the image to not make the whole thing too busy.

kitchen back wall flowers

kitchen back wall still life with flowers

A rather different application of our product in a kitchen, not as a kitchen backsplash but as a covering of a seal above the kitchen. By making the kitchen Splash back black, it gives a very nice and special effect. Order your kitchen Splash back Still Life with Flowers here


Ed van der Elsken | The camera in love


Kitchen Splash Backs of customers Part-5


Mook-Middelaar 1964, reclamefotograaf vanaf 1988. Vader, (zee)zeiler en jazz liefhebber. Bekijk werk op www.johnkraft.nl.

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