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modern kitchen with SoWhat-design kitchen Splash Back

Kitchen Splash Backs of customers Part-5

In this selection we start with this beautiful modern kitchen. Brilliantly executed in black and white, even the sink matched! How nice to add color with our kitchen Splash Back “Raspberry”. And what do you think of the LED lighting that illuminates the kitchen back wall completely well? Successful project which shows what the power of our designs can mean for your kitchen!

Kitchen Splash Back of SoWhat design with mosaic image

Also with a lot of color but different, our Parc Guell, Gaudi Mosaic kitchen Splash Back. John Kraft took more than 200 photos of Gaudi’s mosaics in Parc Guell in Barcelona. Of these, two kitchen back walls were designed, the one that shows here again is the most exuberant. Guell part 2 is a little more subdued. The mosaics bring life to any neutral kitchen, because of the beautiful print quality guests will regularly feel if it is not a real mosaic!

design kitchen Splash Back of SoWhat-design

FLOWERBOMB,the name says it all, an explosion of flowers by the Breda painter Margaretha Haverman. This kitchen backsplash is not for every kitchen but here it forms a beautiful whole with the dark gray kitchen. Also pay attention to the custom styling of the kitchen attributes!

kitchen back wall with panorama of SoWhat design

Not for nothing one of our best selling views, the Big Sur kitchen backsplash. Beautiful views from highway 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Fits well in this wooden kitchen but also in a modern minimalist kitchen the image comes into its own! Always difficult to show the many details and atmosphere of a photo online. If you are in the area (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) please feel free to come and have a look, we usually have these in stock. Please contact us first:)

Kitchen splashback of SoWhat design with tulips

Another wooden kitchen but now with our Tulips kitchen splashback. Due to the sophisticated design, this image gives a rest and movement to your kitchen despite the amount of colors. The tulips are photographed individually with very soft light, so that every detail is beautifully visible in the shade. We also usually have this popular kitchen splashback in stock!


Kitchen Splash back of customers part 6


Mook-Middelaar 1964, reclamefotograaf vanaf 1988. Vader, (zee)zeiler en jazz liefhebber. Bekijk werk op www.johnkraft.nl.

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