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Kitchen splash walls of customers part 7

In this selection of kitchen splashbacks of customers we start with our image “Orchard”. This beautiful old cherry orchard can be found in Lent, just above Nijmegen. In the image you can see sheep grazing between the trees and beehives. Always a spring feeling in your kitchen!

kitchen splashback -plates-

In the collection of the Rijksmuseum we found these photos of old signs. Small stories that give a beautiful graphic and especially cozy image on your kitchen splashback! This photo is of the splashback in Cindy’s kitchen. If you want to order this tension wall for your kitchen, look here.


RAW photographed, this kitchen splashback of stones. Do you want a splashback in your kitchen that provides a nice contrast with your shiny new kitchen? You can easily order via our website, for our kitchen splashback “Wall” you look here! For other images with an Urban or RAW atmosphere on your kitchen back wall, look here at our RAW collection.

kitchen splashback roses

kitchen splashback roses

For Rita’s kitchen we made this kitchen splashback with Roses. Due to the use of lime paper during photography, there is an alienating depth in this image. Bring a special atmosphere and color to your kitchen!


The Japanese Blossom has been one of the best-selling kitchen splashbacks for years. With its neutral grey background and calm tones a welcome addition to your kitchen! By also allowing a lot of blur in the image, there is a lot of depth in this kitchen splashback. You order the kitchen splashback Blossom simply here.

kitchen-back wall-raspberry

kitchen-back wall-raspberry

Earlier we lead in an overview the kitchen splashback Raspberry see. In part 5 you can see the image in a sleek, modern kitchen. As you can see here, the kitchen splashback is also very beautiful in a kitchen finished with wood! Enthusiastic? Check out the image here.

kitchen-back wall-concrete

We have three versions of Concrete in our collection, but we find this one as a kitchen splashback the most beautiful. The ornate illustration on this splashback in your kitchen gives the Concrete just that little bit extra. We call this image “Atapuerca” and you order the kitchen splashback here!

If you want more information about our kitchen splash walls surf on our website and get inspired! Also watch our instruction video to get a good impression of the material and to see that you can easily apply our product must be the included, ready-to-use glue. If you have any questions, please let us know.



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