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Imagine yourself shopping for kitchens and being confronted with the question: “What would you like for a kitchen splashback?” That’s something you lack the inspiration for at this moment. It’s difficult enough already, making all decisions about every possible detail. The colour of the cupboards, which handles for the doors and ofcourse the kitchen worktop. That is why a lot of people decide on their kitchen splashback at a later time, when the kitchen itself has been installed.

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Luckily it’s not a problem at all to wait with this decision, on the contrary, we advise you to decide upon your kitchen splashback after the kitchen has been installed. Only then you can really see how the light enters your kitchen and what the kitchen needs to look that bit more personal. Waiting also allows you to take the exact measurements needed for your kitchen splashback.

Tip: Certainly, when you’re thinking about personalising your kitchen with one of our designs, it is a good idea to think about the socket positions on the kitchen back wall. Nowadays there are inventive alternatives for positioning the sockets and switches. They can be placed on the side walls or even in the kitchen worktop. Your local kitchensupplier can inform you of the newest trends and possibilities to move the sockets away from the back wall. The SoWhat-design splashbacks will look best on your kitchen back wall without sockets going through them.

When you are in the process of deciding for a SoWhat-design, at some point you will have to agree on and settle for a design choice. “Which design would I like to feature in a prominent place in my home?” “What image would I enjoy to see daily for a long period in time?” Our experience is that you’ve probably spotted a favourite right from the start. Stick with that! In almost ten years of designing custom made splashback designs to order at PimpYourKitchen, we see that after doubting for some time, most people stick with their first choice of design. The fact is that once chosen, a design rarely gets boring. People even reorder a splashback design when they move to a new home!

See it like a work of art; once you’ve bought a work of art it becomes part of your home, sometimes even of your ‘identity’. That will never be boring!

For SoWhat-design we have decided for a concept with three standard sizes for kitchen splashbacks. These standard sizes will be large enough to cover a kitchen back wall in the majority of kitchens. In creating the designs we’ve thought about things as height difference. For the taller splashback designs, with size 305 x 70 cm, the most vital and prominent image details are in the lower part of the design. So even with cupboards covering most of the higher part of the splashback, the design will still feature beautifully in your kitchen! For your kitchen you can order one, or a combination of sizes to have enough to cover the entire kitchen back wall.

We are looking forward to hear what you think about our concept! Do you have any tips for us to photograph in our studio, or do you know any designers who can make brilliant designs? Do let us know!

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