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Keuken behang, eenvoudig schoon te maken.

Imagine, you are looking for a kitchen and in the kitchen showroom you are confronted with the question: what do you want as a kitchen back wall? You just don’t have any inspiration for that right now. It’s hard enough, all the choices. The color of your kitchen cabinets, which handles and of course what kind of worktop it should be for the kitchen. That is why many people wait to purchase a kitchen wallpaper until the kitchen is delivered.

Fortunately, it is not a problem to wait with this, in fact, we also recommend to wait with choosing kitchen wallpaper until the kitchen is ready. Only then do you have a good idea of the light in your kitchen and you can measure exactly the sizes of your kitchen wall.

TIP: Especially if you decide to buy kitchen wallpaper from us, it is a good idea to think about the sockets on the wall. Nowadays there are nice alternatives for placing the light switches.
For example, you can process them in the sides of your kitchen or in the kitchen worktop itself. Your kitchen specialist can inform you about the possibilities not to place the sockets in your kitchen splashback! The kitchen wallpaper designs of SoWhat-design will look much better in your kitchen, when there are no sockets running through them.

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If you choose kitchen wallpaper of SoWhat design then you have to make a decision somewhere, which image do I want to have in a (often) prominent place in my house? And that too for a longer period of time? Experience shows that your first feeling is often the best, in the almost 15 years that we make kitchen splashbacks / kitchen wallpaper with our company we see that customers almost always choose their first preference after much doubt. Once chosen, an image is rarely bored. On the contrary, many customers buy the same image for their new kitchen when moving house!

Actually, you should see it as a work of art; once you have bought a work of art, it becomes part of your interior and also a bit of your ‘being’. That’s never boring!

Choose kitchen wallpaper format

At SoWhat-design we have chosen a concept with a choice of three sizes of kitchen wallpaper. Most of the kitchens can be equipped with a splashback with these sizes. Height difference has also been taken into account. With the size 305 x 70 cm, we often leave the top 20 cm free of image-defining elements, so you also maintain the image well with upper cabinets. The space at the extractor hood (between 60 and 70 cm) can also be finished nicely.

We are curious about your reaction! If you have tips for designers that we can approach, or splashback ideas that we can design ourselves in our photo studio, please let us know!

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