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Still life with flower kitchen back wall

Make a “Flowerbomb” behind your counter. This still life with flowers in a glass vase by Jan Davidsz. de Heem gives a fantastic exuberant atmosphere in your kitchen! Tip: If you have a very large back wall, order the image twice and let us process the second mirrored, so they fit nicely and it becomes a beautiful whole!

The painter Jan Davidsz. de Heem (1606-1683/1684) grew up in Utrecht. He moved to Leiden in 1926 to focus mainly on monochrome still lifes, especially of musical instruments and books. His departure for Antwerp heralded a more colourful period of his work with more fruits and flowers as a subject. In addition to the many flowers, you can also see various inhabitants of a field bouquet in this still life!

The painting can be seen in the Rijksmuseum.

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You can choose from our SoWhat-Flex material (apply like wallpaper) or our SoWhat-Alusandwich sheet material. The standard formats for the Flex material are the cheapest but you can also specify your own format. For a "custom" format, you will always receive a sample design for approval before the back wall goes into production. This applies to both materials. You can always indicate any wishes you may have! The SoWhat-AluSandwich sheet material is currently only available in the Netherlands. We are working on the logistics on being able to deliver it to other countries as well.

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Our SoWhat-AluSandwich sheet material is easy to install with a Polymer mounting kit. Cut-outs are made with a jigsaw or hole saw. We only make this material to size. We include your wishes in the design!

Unfortunately, the AluSandwich material is currently only available in the Netherlands!

SoWhat-Flex material: we supply this material including a ready-to-use adhesive. The package also includes a piece of test material and an instruction manual.
SoWhat-AluSandwich material: Our panel material is easy to apply with an assembly kit. We send a manual by e-mail. We will contact you by telephone to discuss a suitable delivery day.

On our “Material” page you will find further specifications about our materials.

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One of the goals that the Rijksmuseum has set for itself is to release as much data and information online as possible. Over 200.000 images are made available in high resolution. This allows for new artwork to be created based on works from their collection.

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