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Kitchen back wall fruit and vegetable parade


In addition to the taste and texture, I also find the shape and color of fruit and vegetables particularly inspiring. They offer endless possibilities and sometimes it feels like each piece of fruit or vegetable has its own life. I felt the urge to bring the unique shape and energy of fruit and vegetables to life as figures dancing with each other and having fun together. With this exuberant parade of fruit and vegetables I want to radiate cheerful zest for life and passion for fresh and healthy food. I hope more people enjoy watching and using these tasty ingredients.

About making.
I really enjoyed playing with the shape of each piece of fruit and vegetables. The biggest challenge was to find a way to transform each piece into a unique figure without losing the recognisability of the specific type of fruit or vegetable. To keep the whole thing airy and fresh, I went for simple shapes and colors that appeal to the imagination.


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Kitchen back wall fruit and vegetable parade

Choose one of the three sizes that best fits your kitchen Splashback. The material is easy to tailor to your kitchen splashback wall. If you have top cabinets and you want to cover the space at the hood optimally, opt for the 70 cm height. You can process the material behind the kitchen cabinets or make cutouts. Use a sharp breek and a good metal cutting ruler.

The illustrations on the 305 x 70 cm are deliberately kept low so that any upper cabinets do not run through the illustrations. The 305 x 50 and 305 x 70 cm can be used side by side, the illustrations have the same size.

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305 x 50 cm, 305 x 70 cm, 400 x 70 cm

Packaging content

– Glue
– Test material
– Manual

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