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Kitchen Wall with Manhattan | NYC Skyline


When taking the ferry from the Statue of Liberty to Manhattan, you can see this fantastic panoramic display. A design that will give you new things to discover each time you see it featured on your kitchen wall! The detail images will give you a closer view of what you can expect from the result.

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Kitchen Wall with Manhattan Skyline

Choose one of three sizes that best matches the kitchen wall of your kitchen. The material can be cut to size easily to make the design fit the kitchen back wall. If you have cupboards on the wall but you also want to cover the taller wall section behind the hob, then choose the options with height 70 cm. Excess material can continue behind the cupboards, or you can trim the material to size. For this you can use a sharp box-cutting knife guided along a sturdy metal ruler.

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Kies één van de drie formaten die het beste in je keuken past. Het materiaal is eenvoudig zelf precies op maat te maken voor je keuken achterwand /achtergrond keuken. Als je bovenkastjes hebt en je wilt de ruimte bij de afzuigkap toch optimaal bedekken kies dan voor de 70 cm hoogte. Je kan het materiaal achter de keukenkastjes verwerken of uitsparingen maken. Gebruik hiervoor een scherp breekmesje en een goede metalen snijliniaal.

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305 x 50 cm, 305 x 70 cm, 400 x 70 cm

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– Adhesive<br>- Test material<br>- Instruction manual

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John Kraft
John Kraft
John Kraft (Mook Middelaar 1964) has, next to "Studio Hans Götze", attended the art academie (ARTEZ, graphic design) in Arnhem.
As a commercial photographer he has been working for years for different advertising agencies, companies and magazines. Since 2007 he has been shooting mainly free work, next to his work as a photographer for  SoWhat-design. For more information visit: www.johnkraft.nl.