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Kitchen wall painting graphic food design

Kitchen wall painting, clever food graphics!


Playful illustration, this kitchen wall painting, by Abe & Esther. Al your favorite ingredients framed on your kitchen back wall!

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kitchen wall painting, clever food graphics!

Choose one of the three available sizes, that matches best with the dimensions of your kitchen back wall.

The material can be cut to size easily, to fit your kitchen back wall. If you have cupboards and you want to include the higher part behind the hob, you can choose for the options with height 70 cm.

You can either hide the excess material behind the cupboards, or you can trim it to size. Also cut-outs for sockets can be made using a sharp boxcutter knife.

See the available “kitchen wall painting” splashback sizes:

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305 x 50 cm, 305 x 70 cm, 400 x 70 cm

Package contents

– Adhesive<br>- Test material<br>- Instruction manual

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Abe & Esther

Abe & Esther

Cartoonists Abe Borst & Esther van de Bund have managed to combine their passion for illustrating with their passion for food. From this their comic "Smikkelen & Smullen" was born. In the comics they show you that food is not only about nutrition, but that it's also a social and joyous activity. Esther and Abe can tell you for certain that the pleasure in cooking starts with a kitchen environment in which you feel right at home. That is why they started collaborating together with SoWhat-design. The perfect opportunity to bring some of Abe and Esther's joy in your very own kitchen. See also facebook.com/smikkelensmullen