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Sangacho de Atum designs for kitchen wall


A familiar theme of artist Eric de Bruijn. Portuguese Tuna, but also tins with Sardines are are recurring theme in his artwork.

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Sangacho de Atum designs for kitchen wall

Choose one of three sizes that best matches the required backsplash size for your kitchen. The material can be cut to size easily to make the backsplash design fit the back wall. If you have cupboards on the wall but you also want to cover the taller wall section behind the hob, then choose the options with height 70 cm. Excess material can continue behind the cupboards, or you can trim the material to size. You can use a sharp box-cutting knife guided along a sturdy metal ruler.

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305 x 50 cm, 305 x 70 cm, 400 x 70 cm

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– Adhesive<br>- Test material<br>- Instruction manual

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Eric de Bruijn

Eric de Bruijn

Eric de Bruijn was born in 1957 in the Netherlands. After his High School Studies he worked as a painter and art performer. He attended the Privat Artist Academy by Greek philosopher & artist Angelos Tassapoulos and shared studios with a variety of painters, like Saad Ali, Denny Jacobs and  Quintijn van Eijk.

His work can be best described as lyrical, abstract and figurative and is exhibited throughout all Europe and the United States. Eric  also participated in theater projects and collaborated in the publication of poetry books with famous Dutch singers like Frank Boeijen and Stef Bos. The collaboration of these two different art forms lead to beautiful results in which both lyrics and art influence and strengthen each other. Eric now lives in Lagos, Portugal and works in Spain, the Netherlands and France.