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Wheatfield with Crows, backsplashes for kitchens

Van Gogh – Wheatfield with crows backsplashes for kitchens


It is stated that this painting was one of van Gogh’s last. In contrary to popular belief, he wanted to express something positive and comforting. The images shown here on the left are detail images on print size.
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Van Gogh, Wheatfield with Crows

Choose one of three sizes that best matches the required backsplash size for your kitchen. The material can be cut to size easily to make the backsplash design fit the back wall. If you have cupboards on the wall but you also want to cover the taller wall section behind the hob, then choose the options with height 70 cm. Excess material can continue behind the cupboards, or you can trim the material to size. You can use a sharp box-cutting knife guided along a sturdy metal ruler.

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305 x 50 cm, 305 x 70 cm, 400 x 70 cm

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– Adhesive<br>- Test material<br>- Instruction manual

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Van Gogh Museum
Images have been made available by the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Next to his work you can also find works from other contemporary artists in the Van Gogh museum. Plan your visit on www.vangoghmuseum.nl