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Skye on your kitchen Splashback

In the Scottish highlands lies the Isle of Skye. When I first came there in 1994 (photographing for Johnny Walker) and I immediately fell in love. The roughness and colours are overwhelming and even the Iodine-flavoured Talisker Malt Whisky is a heavenly experience:). Years later, when I wanted to make panoramas for kitchen Splashback, I quickly opted for a week of Skye. With the then the latest camera (Nikon D3X) with the highest resolution and a sturdy tripod. All panoramas are made of between 5 and 10 shots that are welded together. This way you get a very high resolution so that even at a 400 cm magnification the details are sharp and the image does not become pixelated.

View of Loch Harport

If you could look around the corner you would see the Talisker Distillery. You can order this beautiful panorama with the many green / brown shades here.

Loch Leathan

In the evening on the way back to the BB we received this beautiful spectacle as a gift. Loch Leathan in the last sunlight, especially with a dark worktop in your kitchen, the water runs beautifully through. Loch Leathan can be ordered here for your kitchen Splashback.

View at Breakish

At the first morning of our stay we immediately had our camera and tripod packed. This is exactly the view from the balcony of our B&B. If you want this panorama in your kitchen order your kitchen Splashback here.

View of the mountain “Am Basteir”

Somewhat shaky on a smooth stone in the pouring rain, it may be called a miracle that such a beautiful panorama of the statues could be made. As so often in Scotland, it rains somewhere but the sun shines again further on. This is also the case in this recording, creating a special atmosphere. Your kitchen Splashback can’t get any wider and rougher, order your kitchen backsplash “Skye” here.


Bamboo Leafs kitchen splashback at Ali and Ilse


Orchid kitchen Splashback at Jolande


Mook-Middelaar 1964, reclamefotograaf vanaf 1988. Vader, (zee)zeiler en jazz liefhebber. Bekijk werk op www.johnkraft.nl.

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